Good4U Offers Ideas on How to Allocate New School Funding

The Good4U coalition applauds the Newsom Administration’s commitment to address the serious impact of the pandemic on vulnerable students – especially learners from low-income and minority communities. In his annual State of the State, the governor outlined California’s education priorities including an increase in funding for Career Pathways and Special Education.

“Governor Newsom’s plan focuses on learning loss, dropout rates and traumatic experiences which are dominating so many families and schools across the state,” said Roxana Janka, Good4U manager. “Including personalized instruction and ensuring equitable access as priorities in education spending is the best way to keep our most vulnerable students engaged and out of the dropout cycle.”

The Good4U coalition – which is composed of interested parents, educators and community members – supports proven solutions that include:

  • Equal and Fair Access to Education – All students should have equal access to technology such as laptops and internet access with individualized support to help remove barriers to their academic achievement.
  • Personalized Learning with Trauma-Informed Practices – Tailor curriculum and provide wraparound services with trauma-informed care that is flexible and specific to what individual students need.
  • Job and Life Skills Training – Behavioral and emotional learning and job skills training provides students capabilities that will serve them for the rest of their lives.The Coalition believes that even one dropout is too many when you consider the lost potential and negative impact on communities. To learn more about Good4U, visit